Bhattar's Ten Words

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Bhattar's divine ten words told to Nanjeeyar

The ten words that Bhattar told Nanjeeyar tell the ways for a prapanna to avoid dangers and live without fear.

Just as a ship in the ocean could get damaged or destroyed by uncontrollable wind, by hidden rocks or mountains, by a giant wave, by contact with gigantic sea creatures, etc, so too known and unknown offences committed against His devotees can hurt the prapatti perfromed by a prapanna. Those who listen to these ten words and follow them can live without fear of such obstacles.

  1. Even by giving up one's body, wealth and life, do one service to the acharya such that he always remembers it in his divine heart.
  2. Do one service to the Lord which all His devotees will praise, which will please His divine heart and which even one's own heart will appreciate.
  3. Do the same as above in the matter of His devotees. Always behave such that Srivaishnavas praise one as a person with good qualities and as a person who performs good service to the Lord and His devotees.
  4. If a person seeks the ephemeral things of this world and for gaining them prays in private (thinking no one will know of it) to other devatas and associates with those who pray to these devatas, then the Lord who is witness to all thoughts and acions will laugh at that person. Therefore, avoid doing that.
  5. Just as a rat goes after a object with a bad smell and gets trapped, so too a person who desires base things will get trapped by the associated food, place and bed, lose his good knowledge, gather base knowledge andd will lose his association with Srivaishnavas. Even if great danger were to happen to one's life, one should remain steady and not do the things described above. The examples for this are Periya Nambi and Kooratthazhvan.
  6. Do not focus on the ordinary sastras and instead focus on the special sastra which is bhagavat vishayam. Even in matters of performing rituals, do the same. One has to be steady in this and not have any doubts. There is no need to question this as "This is possible only for a few such as Bharata and Thirukkannamangai Andan". Even a wild horse can be tamed over time. For thos who have a young and steady heart, this is not difficult. Is it not said that a woman started by lifting a small stone, then a rock and so on, till she lifted a whole mountain?
  7. Live in divyadeshams such as Srirangam, Thirumalai and Kanchipuram. While living there, make the Srivaishnavas who live there remember us, by giving them materials and performing services to them.
  8. Do not place great attachment on children, friends, spouse, place, materials and body. Instead, be detached from them such that it is clear that this person has been presented to the Lord by an acharya.
  9. Seeing the ephemeral nature of this samsara, give up on the things said above completely and become focused on performing services only to the Lord and His devotees.
  10. Pray to that Lord who is eternal, who is sweet and who is all relationships to one, to shower His grace so that one's mind is always focused on Him alone.

Azhvar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam