Kanthadaiyandan's Ten Words

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Kanthadaiyandan's divine ten words

When being imprisoned in Ravana's garden, Sita Piratti showed the situation of a Srivaishnava who is trapped in this samsara.

How is that?

  1. She got separated from the Lord's divine feet when She used harsh words against Lakshmana. Similarly, for a chetana, sins committed against a bhAgavata would remove His divine feet.
  2. Her presence near Ravana is similar to the chetana's association with his body.

  3. Her dwelling together with the rAkshasis who tortured Her, is similar to the chetana's living together with his spouse and children.
  4. Her seeing Marica is similar to the chetana being attracted by things of this world. Her seeing Ravana is like the chetana being trapped by his senses.
  5. Her seeing Hanuman is like the chetana seeing his acharya.
  6. Hanuman told Her the divine qualities of the Lord. Similarly, the Azhvars tell the divine qualities of the Lord to the chetana.
  7. Hanuman told Her the history of the ring given to him by Lord Rama. Similarly, the acharya gives the Guru Parampara to the chetana.
  8. Hanuman gave Her the Lord's ring. Similarly, the acharya gives the Thirumantra to the chetana.
  9. Sri Vibeeshana's girls became Her close associates. Similarly, Srivaishnavas are the close associates to the chetana.
  10. The Lord destroyed Her enemies such as Ravana and took Her to Himself. Similarly, He will destroy the enemies of the chetana such as association with the things of this world and take him to His divine abode.

Azhvar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam