Sri P.B. Annangaracharyar Swami's Ten Words on
Acharyas as Clouds

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Sri P.B. Annangaracharyar Swami's Ten Words on Acharyas as Clouds

  1. Clouds gather the water from the salty ocean and shower it as sweet water. Similarly, acharyas gather the divine meanings from the ocean like Vedas, which are dificult to understand and enjoy by everyone, and using the strength of their words give them out to be greatly enjoyed by everyone.
  2. Clouds shower the rain where it is needed for the benefit of this world ("uyiraLippAn mAgangaL ellAm thirindhu" - Thiruviruththam 32). Similarly, acharyas go to all divyadesams and to all other places ("eNdisaiyum pOrththakara nAngudaiyAn pErOdhip pEthaigAL thIrththakararAmin thirindhu" - Irandam Thiruvandadhi 14, "srirangam karishailam anjanagirim ... shAlagrAma girim nishEvya ramatE rAmAnujOyam muni:") and pour the special divine meanings that are required for the upliftment of souls.
  3. Clouds pour the rain water and fill even the lowly ditches. Similarly, acharyas discourse on great subjects and up-lift even the lowliest of beings.
  4. Clouds do not always shower the water. They only do so in certain seasons. Similarly, acharyas look for the opportune time to perform their upadeshas.
  5. If the clouds do not pour the water in the appropriate times, this world will face several drawbacks. Similarly, if the acharyas do not perform their upadeshas at the right times, this world (the souls) will face dangers such as imagining their body to be their soul, thinking they are independent, servitude to the wrong entities, self-depenedence, etc.
  6. No matter how much it pours the water, the clouds are neither satisfied nor look for anything in return. Similarly, no matter how much they discourse, acharyas, who do not look for anything in return, remain unsatisfied.
  7. Some times the clouds will shower a little and stop. At other times, it will pour a great amount. Similarly, some times acharyas will speak just a few words (mantrOpadesham) in their disciples ears. At other times, they will speak extensively (during kAlakshEpam), on the divine meanings of the smrtis, itihAsas, purANas and ubhaya vEdAntas.
  8. Clouds rain in a street and the water runs away and goes waste. But they also rain on shells, which then becomes pearls and prcious stones. Similarly, acharyas some times teach to certain people and it does not bear any fruit. However, at other times, they teach great people and they come out as great works such as Sri Vacana Bhushanam and Upadesa Ratthinamalai for the benefit of all.
  9. The rain from clouds becomes useful to all beings when it reaches rivers, lakes and wells. If it runs elsewhere, it becomes unusable. Similarly, when acharyas teach divine meanings to worthy recipients, they become part of the guru parampara and enjoyable to all. If they are given to others, like water poured on a hot iron piece, it goes waste.
  10. Grains, the Sataka birds, etc have no other refuge and look forward to the clouds ("eththanaiyum vAn maRandha kAlaththum painkUzhgaL maiththezhundha mAmugilE pArththirukkum" - Perumal Thirumozhi 5.7). When the rain falls on them it becomes useful. When the same clouds rain on a posionous plant, it becomes destructive ("nIrkAlaththu erukkilampazhavilaipOl vIzhvEnai" - Nacchiyar Thirumozhi 8.8). Similarly, acharya sri sUktis are expected by srivaishnavas (who have no other refuge) and are used by them for a great purpose. When they reach others, they are wrongly understood and become misused ("sARuvAga madha nIRuseydhu samaNac cedikkanal koLuththiyE sAkkiyakkadalai vaRRuviththu migu sAngiyakkiri muREiththida" - Arthi Prabandham).

Azhvar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam