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Support Kainkaryams

Over the years, we have supported many kainkaryams in Divyadesams and other Kshetrams. Examples are Nithyappadi support for paricharakas, Utsavams, infrastructure, vessels, recordings, etc. Some programs were one time events and some are on-going.

Support has been provided to divyadesams such as Thirukkachi, Thirukkolur, Thirusirupuliyur, Thiruvellarai and Thiruveqka; Kshetrams such as Kooram and Sriperumbudur; Utsavams such as Thirumalai Anandazhvan utsavam, Pavitrotsavams; support for Divyaprabandham sandhai recordings; etc.

If anyone wishes to contribute to any of these kainkaryams, we request you to contact the site author at Additional queries may also be directed to the same email address. With additional support, many more kainkaryams can be initiated. If sufficient funds are generated, a Trust will be formed.

Donations may be made via electronic transfers or cheques in India and the US only. Donations can be one time or periodic.

All funds received will be used only for kainkaryams mentioned above and or any new services. All disbursements will be disclosed to the donors directly.

There is no obligation to donate and the Srivaishnava Sampradhayam site will remain open and free to all.

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan
TCA Venkatesan