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Welcome to the SriVaishnava Sampradhayam Home Page. The purpose of this site is to continually provide information on the various aspects of SriVaishnavite culture, literature and history. There are several sections to browse, through the navigation bar on the left, such as Acharya and Azhvar sections, Divyaprabhandam and their Vyakhyanam sections, Divyadesam section, etc. Please be sure to check out the Multimedia section for several sub-sections such as Images, Audio, Videos, and downloads such as Screensavers, etc.
As the site is constantly updated, please be sure to check the What's New section. If you would like to be included in our discussion list, get periodic emails on significant updates, etc, please join us on our Google Group. You can also subscribe to updates via a RSS feed, Facebook, and Twitter.
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Latest Update : Veda Swarangalil Sila Araychchigal
Article in Tamil by P B Annangarachariar Swami

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