Bhattar Thirumanjana Kattiyam

Sri Badrinarayana Bhattar Swami

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Sri Parasara Bhattar, the son of Swami Kooraththazhvan, was the adopted son of Periya Perumal and Periya Pirattiyar of Srirangam. Bhattar has written tremendous works about the sampradhayam such as Ashta Shloki etc as well as about the divine couple at Srirangam such as Sri Rangaraja Stavam, Sri Guna Ratna Kosham, etc. He also wrote several verses (about 50) called Thirumanjana Kattiyangal about Namperumal. These are recited after Namperumal's Thirumanjanam in Srirangam. Elders have said that it is only through Bhattar's works that one can truly experience Namperumal. Sri Badrinarayana Bhattar, who is a descendant of Swami Parasara Bhattar, explains the significance of these verses and selected meanings.