Sri Karappankadu Venkatachariar Swami
Tamil (Incomplete series)

Swami Alavandar, the grandson of Nathamunigal, was the acharya to Periya Nambigal who was the acharya for Swami Ramanuja. Ramanuja considered himself as the ekalavya sishya of Alavandar. He was amongst the first acharyas to put to verse the great meanings of the Srivaishnava Sampradhayam. His well known works such as Stotra Ratnam and Chatusshloki were the inspiration to Ramanuja to formalize the Visishtadvaita school of philosophy.

Chatusshloki is about Sri Mahalakshmi Thayar. Two great scholars - Nayanar Achchan Pillai (the son of Swami Periyavachchan Pillai) and Swami Desikan have written excellent commentaries to this work of Swami Alavandar.

Sri Karappankadu Venkatachariar Swami delivers a series of kalakshepams based on these two commentaries. Unfortunately, the series is incomplete. Nevertheless, it is tremendous to listen as much as we can, to one of the doyens of the sampradhayam.