Pillai Lokachariar Vaibhavam

Sri K B Devarajan Swami

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Swami Pillai Lokachariar is one of the acharyas of the acharya haram in Guru Paramparai. He was the son of the noble Vadakku Thiruveedhi Pillai (who wrote down the incomparable Edu vyakhyanam for Thiruvaymozhi based on the kalakshepams of Nampillai). Along with his brother Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Nayanar and other acharyas, he performed immense service to the sampradhayam at a time of great stress at Srirangam. He also brought the lofty meanings of the rahasyas to one and all through his ashtadasa rahasya granthas. Sri K B Devarajan Swami celebrates the vaibhavam of this great acharya in this upanyasam.