Thirukkachchi Screensaver

You can download the Thirukkachchi Screensaver here. The screensaver is made from images of Kanchipuram Varadarajap Perumal, Perundevi Thayar, images from the temple, Azhvars pasurams on Aththigiri and Acharyas Sanskrit slokas on Devapperumal.

If you like this screensaver, please drop me a note at the email address below. If I create a newer version I will be sure to notify you.

Install Procedure: Click on the appropriate link below, save the file in your computer, unzip the file and execute it. The screensaver should install itself and will be available for selection from your Program Files or through your Windows Control Panel.

Disclaimer: The software is provided as is. It works on the PCs that I have tested on. Please use your discretion when downloading anything from the web and installing them on your computer.
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Thirukkachchi Screen Saver v1.0 (7.2 Mb)
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