Mumukshuppadi Sarartha Deepikai

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46. prabhaiyaiyum prabhAvAnaiyum, pushpaththaiyum maNaththaiyum pOlE.

Take this (the non-separation of Sri and Narayana) as similar to the non-separation of sun rays and light and that of a flower and its fragrance.

Sri PBA Swami's Sarartha Deepikai:
Two examples are used to show that there is no separation amongst the Divya Dampatis.

Consider the case of rays from the Sun and other light producing objects. There is no separation of their rays and light. Likewise there is no separation in the case of fragrance and flowers. Similarly, it is understood that there is no separation between the Lord and His consort.

These examples are not new. They have been used by our elders before. In the Ramayana, at the Asoka Vana when Ravana presented some silly notions to Sita Piratti, She made Her replies to a piece of grass that She threw in front. In Her replies, She mentioned "ananyA rAghavENAham bhAskarENa prabhA yadA", meaning that Sri Rama is like the Sun rays and She is like the light. Later after the Agni pravesham of Sita Piratti, Sri Rama also uses the same example "ananyA hi mayA sItA bhAskarENa prabhA yadA". The example of flower and fragrance is used by Sri Parasara Bhattar in SriGunaratnakOsam "prasUnam pushyandImapi parimaLartthim jigadishU:".

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