Mumukshuppadi Sarartha Deepikai

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85. SvarUpavirOthi kazhikaiyAvathu *yAnE nee ennudaimaiyum neeyE* enRirukkai; upAyavirOthi kazhikaiyAvathu *kaLaivAy thunbam kaLaiyAthozhivAy kaLaikaN maRRiREn* enRirukkai; prApyavirOthi kazhikaiyAvathu *maRRai nam kAmangkaL mARRu* enRirukkai.

The removal of the three obstacles SvarUpa virOdhi, upAya virOdhi and prApya virOdhi are shown with examples.

Sri PBA Swami's Sarartha Deepikai:
If examples are given of those for whom these three obstacles have been removed, then the mode of their removal will be clear. Therefore, they are presented here.

1. To be as "yAnE nee ennudaimaiyum neeyE" (I and mine are yours) will lead to the removal of SvarUpa virOdhi. As told by Azhvar, to be as "yAnE enRenathE enRirunthEn" (I lived as I and mine) is to live with ahankAra and mamakAra which is SvarUpa virOdhi. To be as "ennaiyum ennudaimaiyaiyum un cakkarappoRi oRRikkoNdu ninnaruLE purinthirunthEn" as told by Periyazhvar, is to set the I and mine as sEsham to Him, which is the removal of SvarUpa virOdhi.

2. To be as "kaLaivAy thunbam kaLaiyAthozhivAy kaLaikaN maRRiREn" is the removal of upAya virOdhi. In the protection of the jIva, if the jIva thinks that he too can protect himself, that interferes with the protection He gives; this is therefore upAya virOdhi. If the jIva were to be like Periyazhvar "unakkup paNi seythirukkun thavamudaiyEn; inippOy oruvan thanakkup paNinthu kadaiththalai niRkai ninsAyai azhivu kaNdAy" and does not seek another person's house for his protection then that describes the state of removal of upAya virOdhi.

3. To be as "maRRai nam kAmangkaL mARRu" is the removal of upEya virOdhi. Being in His service is the upEyam. The obstacle to that is gaining joy for the self in that service. Just as the moon, breeze, flower, fragrance, etc provide joy to others but gain nothing for themselves, so too should be the jIva. This is what is told in the Thiruppavai pasuram "maRRai nam kAmangkaL mARRu". In the phrase "vazhuvilA adimai seyya vENdum", the word vazhu also means the same thing. Therefore the removal of self intent in His service describes the state of removal of upEya virOdhi.

Pillai Lokacharyar Thiruvadigale Saranam
Azhvar Emperumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam

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