Mumukshuppadi Sarartha Deepikai

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104. irA madamUttuvAraip pOlE uLLE pathikidanthu SaththaiyE pidiththu nOkkik koNdu pOrum.

Just as parents follow their children, who angered with them have left the home, to the place where they are staying and feed them without their knowledge, He too will stay out of sight, inside the chetana (as antaryAmi) and continue to protect them.

Sri PBA Swami's Sarartha Deepikai:
When we ignore Him and are devoted to others, why would He stay concerned with us?

Take the case of some children as an example. Angered with their parents, they would leave their home and roam around without food. Their parents would not let it go at that. They would follow their children around without their knowledge and in the night times hide in the mutts where they stay and provide food for them through others. Similarly, He too would stay as antaryAmi inside the chEtanas that claim independence and run away from Him, and continue to protect them.

Thus, the meaning of the nArAyaNa term has been explained as Him who is the receiver of service (from the chetanas).

Pillai Lokacharyar Thiruvadigale Saranam
Azhvar Emperumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam

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