Mumukshuppadi Sarartha Deepikai

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209. SarvadharmangaLaiyum vittu enRu sollugaiyAlE silar adharmangaL pugurumenRArkaL.
210. adhu kUdAdhu; adharmangaLais seyyenRu sollAmaiyAlE.
211. thannadaiyE solliRRAgAdhOvennil.
212. AgAdhu; dharma sabdham adharma nivruththiyaik kAttAmaiyAlE.
213. kAttinAlum aththaiyozinthavaRRais solliRRAmiththanai.
214. thannaiyum Isvaranaiyum palaththaiyum pArththAl avai pugura vazhiyillai.

Sri PBA Swami's Sarartha Deepikai:
There are some who draw the wrong conclusion from the point about giving up all dharmas. That is, a dharma is one which states rules on doing some things and not doing others. Since, it is said here to give up all dharmas, that would not only include giving up doing these acts but also include giving up not doing the other acts. That is, to start doing things that have been proscribed.

This is not correct. Because, while it is said that one should give up dharmas, it is not said that one should do adharmas.

Why is that? Giving up adharmas is also part of dharma. So, is it not possible through its meaning that when one is told to give up dharmas, it could also mean giving up not doing adharmas?

No. Because, not doing adharma is only one part of dharma and is not its only meaning. Doing what is right is the primary thrust of a dharma.

Not doing adharmas may not be the primary meaning of a dharma. But since the word sarva is used here, should it not include the specific which is giving up not doing adharmas?

Even if that be case, that is not what is intended here. Therefore, what is being said is giving up the dharmas that ask for specific actions to be performed.

On what basis is that being decided? The answer is, looking at one's self, looking at the Lord and looking at the goal, doing adharmas is rejected.

Since doing adharmas does not please the Lord and the nature of the chetana is that he will not do anything that does not please Him, looking at one's self one cannot do adharmas.

Since He does not accept any act on the part of the chetana to save himself other than giving up all such acts, looking at Him one cannot do adharmas.

Any act of the chetana is done to please Him; thus, looking at that goal also one cannot do adharmas.

Therefore, even if the word dharma includes not doing adharmas, that meaning is not considered here.

Pillai Lokacharyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam
Azhvar Emperumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam

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